slurp is the most famous file acquisition program in the world. Featured in Wired Magazine, Network World, New Scientist, Make Magazine, and Business Week On-Line, slurp finds and copies all of the business documents and media files on a Windows PC in seconds.The most common applications of slurp are: eDiscovery, quick backup, and creating a portable library.

  • eDiscovery

    Efficiently locate and copy all documents and media files from a PC.
  • Quick Backup

    Grab all of your business documents before making major hardware/software updates.
  • USB Portable library

    Run slurp from a USB drive and create a portable copy of your MS Office documents.


Slurp is available for $99, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are disatisfied with slurp, let me know you'll receive a prompt refund.


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